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ARES: Web Development, Web Design, Content Management, CMS, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia Online Analysis - ARES
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ARES is an Australian owned and operated .NET development and consultancy company. With nearly a decades experience in the information technology industry, ARES specialises in content management systems and web applications for small, medium and large enterprises.

Online Analysis

ARES is often called on to evaluate an organisation's online performance prior to assessing the opportunities for further development.  Often starting with focus groups, surveys and an analysis of your site traffic, it is crucial to understand users’ needs (including those affected by site impairment) and translating these needs into a solution that capitalises on the latest content management and online technology. The most successful websites do not define their website’s structure and contents by departmental or geographical divisions, but rather by the needs of their online audience.

Creative Analysis
Advertising agencies often cite their online expertise, but don’t understand the basics of web safe colours and search engine optimisation.  Just as you don’t want to compromise your brand values or standards, ensure your online creative fully exploits the interactivity of the web, conforms to online standards and leverages your brand interactively online.

Content Analysis
You are only reading this content if it particularly appeals to your needs, whereby online content needs to be carefully arranged to appeal to users who often seek to drill down on any area of specific interest.  Let ARES Consulting advise you on getting your content and design right.  Failure after all is only a click away from your site.

Functional Analysis
Defining what users can ‘do’ online is often the most complex part of clarifying project specifications.  Where your imagination, project budget and available time are the only limitation, ensuring you carefully define and prioritise desired functionality is crucial.  ARES will help you determine your online project’s functionality, including recommending off-the-shelf and custom developed solutions.

Many organisations will provide a list of ‘services.’  At ARES we start by asking you what your needs are rather than telling you what services we offer.

SEO Optimisation
Search engine optimisation involves your entire web strategy. By keeping up to date with the latest information and trends from Google, Yahoo and 9MSN, ARES develops all our websites to maximise the chances of raising your ranking in all the major search engines.  Combined with a competitive online advertising strategy and Search Engine Copywriting, you can get your site seen with ARES.

Our proven search engine strategies can help you leverage your online investment by driving qualified traffic to your site.  While no one can guarantee a specific search engine position, ARES services will help boost online traffic and maximise your ROI.

Our services include:

  • Site assessment;
  • Search term research;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Search engine web optimisation;
  • Pay-per-click and online advertising services;
  • Popularity campaign strategy development;
  • Results tracking and maintenance; and 
  • Reporting and campaign tracking.


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